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Bio Lab Wksht & HW Questions 39

Bio Lab Wksht & HW Questions 39 - 34 A pair of...

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34 A pair of large genital pores (openings of the vas deferens) may be seen ventrally about midway between the mouth and clitellum. Note that there are no conspicuous external appendages or sense organs (compare this with the polychaetes observed in section B, above). 2. Internal Anatomy: Place your worm near enough to the side of a dissecting dish so that you can observe it under a dissecting microscope (a folded microscope dust-cover will provide good support to keep your dissecting pan level). Make a shallow mid-dorsal incision through the body wall from clitellum to first segment. Starting posteriorly, pin out the cut edges of the body wall until you come to within a few segments of the anterior end. This will necessitate breaking the transverse septa . (It will be helpful to angle your pins outwards, and not to leave them vertically.) Proceed very carefully near the anterior end; if you are careful, the brain-like pair of cerebral ganglia
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