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39 All mosses produce a thread-like structure called a protonema (plural: protonemata) as the first stage after spore germination. Examine prepared slides of moss protonemata and sketch their appearance in the space to the right. Can you still distinguish the spore that divided by mitosis to produce the protonema? Are protonemata haploid or diploid? The buds present on the protonemata (some of which may have developing rhizoids ) will eventually develop into leafy gametophytes . However, you should realize that the protonema is also part of the gametophyte generation. Examine living moss gametophytes and diagram them. Some of these gametophytes will produce female reproductive structures ( archegonia ) at their tips, while others will produce male reproductive structures ( antheridia ). As these are not easily observed in fresh material, please consult prepared slides of moss
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Unformatted text preview: antheridial and archegonial heads. Under low power, locate the antheridia at the top of the antheridial head. Make a sketch to the right. Then, move to the 40X objective and focus on one antheridium. Observe the sterile jacket surrounding the sperm and/or sperm forming tissue. Note the sterile hairs interspersed between the antheridia. Make a second sketch. Are the sperm produced by mitosis or by meiosis? Are they haploid or diploid? Under low power, locate the archegonia at the top of the archegonial head. Make a sketch showing what you see. Find and focus on an archegonium using the 40X objective (hint: look for a long blue structure with a red cell in the centre). Locate the archegonia and identify the egg cell . Draw another sketch and label all structures observed. Is the egg haploid or diploid?...
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