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49 KINGDOM PLANTAE Part 1: PLANT ANATOMY A. Introduction: Land plants exhibit a variety of morphological and physiological modifications of their body organization that are responses to selection pressures associated with the terrestrial environment. These include the development of distinct above ground (shoot) and below ground (root) regions. Some of these adaptations are related to reproductive strategies and will be examined in a subsequent lab. In this lab we will focus on the structural and cellular organization of vascular plants (those plants that contain conducting tissues) and particularly, flowering plants (angiosperms), since they show the most structural diversity. Prior to today's lab you should read the material on pp 712-724 in chapter 35 of Campbell and Reece (2005). Laboratory Objectives: At the conclusion of today's lab, you should be able to: Recognize the basic types of cells, tissues, and organs found in vascular plants. Describe the basic characteristics, function and locations of the various types of plant cells and tissues.
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