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53 The cells with the thickened corners near the ribs (outer surface of the stalk) represent the collenchyma cells. The relatively thin walled cells that make up the bulk of your cross section represent the parenchyma cells. The vascular tissue (the xylem and phloem conducting cells) is located more internally. In your cross section, the 'cap' of heavily thickened cells found to one side of the vascular bundles represents the sclerenchyma cells. Locate the parenchyma, collenchyma, and sclerenchyma cells. Make a labeled sketch to the right to depict the orientation and spatial relationship of these cells. D. Tissues: The cells of plants (or multicellular organisms in general) are organized into groups that perform similar functions and are called tissues . Plant tissues may be described as being simple or complex . Simple tissues are those in which only a single type of cell is found. The names of simple tissues reflect the type of plant cell of which they are composed. For example, a tissue solely composed of collenchyma cells would be called collenchyma tissue. Complex tissues
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