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58 Bean stem cross section G e r a n i u m / Coleus stem cross section How are the vascular bundles within the bean stem arranged? What is the function of the epidermis? Do you see any little hairs on the epidermal surface? What might their function be? LEAVES The morphology of leaves is highly variable among the vascular plants and is useful for identifying plant species. In most plants (e.g.: poplar trees, bean plants), the blade of the leaf is attached to the stem by a petiole . Some plants like corn have the blade of the leaf directly attached to the stem and thus lack a petiole.
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Unformatted text preview: Most leaves serve as the primary photosynthetic surface in the plant; however in a subsequent lab you will observe that leaves can be modified for other purposes. Obtain a microscope slide showing a cross-section of Syringa (lilac) from the side bench. Use the low power objective (10X) to examine the prepared slide of the leaf and then switch to high power (40X) to examine some of the cellular detail. Locate each of the following structures and then sketch and label a drawing representing the leaf. (Reference: Figure 35.17)...
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