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69 G. The Seed: Obtain bean seeds that have been soaked in water overnight. On the bean, two scars, the micropyle (the smaller scar) and the hilum (the larger scar) should be visible on the seed coat. The latter is where the ovule was attached to the funiculus. Relate the structures to those you found on the ovule in the previous section. Sketch what you see in the space to the right. Carefully remove the seed coat and locate the two large cotyledons . Cotyledons are fleshy and leaf- like, and function as a food storage tissue until the growing seedling becomes photosynthetic. The embryo is located between the two cotyledons. The plumule , located near the top of the embryo, represents the first set of true leaves produced by the embryonic shoot apical meristem. The hypocotyl (the main axis of the embryo) is the region of the embryo between the shoot apical meristem and the root. Sketch and label a drawing that illustrates these structures. Can you relate the seed structures to structures in the ovule? H.
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