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Unformatted text preview: 73 KINGDOM FUNGI A. Introduction: The fungi are a unique group of organisms that possess cell walls made of chitin and a distinctive form of cell division. All fungi exhibit a sexual life cycle with zygotic meiosis . Fungi are primarily non-motile and obtain their nutrients by absorption, rather than ingestion. Within the kingdom the major phyla are defined partly based on reproductive structures. The name of each phylum is based on its reproductive structure - the suffix “mycota” means fungus-like, and the prefix (asco, basidio or zygo) reflects the reproductive structures associated with that group. As you examine the specimens take special note of these and relate them to vegetative structures. Fungi are one of the groups of organisms responsible for decomposition in the biosphere. Their activities are as useful to the world as those of the food producers because decomposition releases carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere and returns nitrogenous compounds and other nutrients to the soil, thereby making these...
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