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74 B. Phylum Zygomycota: Rhizopus stolonifer (black bread mould) is an organism you are all familiar with, although perhaps unknowingly! Members of this phylum live in soil or on decaying plant or animal material. All members have aseptate hyphae and undergo zygotic meiosis . Is the dominant stage in the life cycle haploid or diploid? Observe and draw vegetative stages under the light microscope using the prepared slides provided. Label the mycelium (composed of hyphae ), sporangia (sacks containing spores) and spores . These spores are produced asexually by mitosis. Asexual reproduction is very common in this phylum. Sexual reproduction only occurs if conditions become unfavourable for growth. Two separate mating strains must also be present for sexual reproduction to occur. Examine prepared slides of Rhizopus to observe structures associated with sexual reproduction. Locate gametangia (sacs containing gametes), which are located on the ends of hyphal extensions. Gametangia from two different mating strains fuse
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