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Unformatted text preview: 84 C. Dissection of the Grasshopper: External anatomy : Note the outer body covering; this chitinous exoskeleton is divided into a series of armor-like plates. The thinner, flexible areas of exoskeleton between the plates form articular membranes (flex the abdomen to observe these). The body is divided into three main regions, a head , a thorax , and a posterior abdomen . Proceed with your examination as follows: 1. Locate the following head parts: • paired antennae • compound eyes on either side of the head. Using a razor blade, remove a thin piece of the surface of the compound eye, mount it in water beneath a cover slip on a slide, and examine it under the compound microscope. Note the facets of the eye, each representing the lens of a single visual unit, an ommatidium . Sketch them in the margin. • three small, simple eyes, or ocelli (sing.; ocellus ): one located in the midline groove between the antennae, two near the top-front corner of each compound eye 2. The grasshopper mouthparts are relatively unspecializd compared to those of most other kinds of insects, and...
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