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86 Internal anatomy: Using scissors, snip off all the legs and wings. Beginning at the posterior tip of the abdomen, make a longitudinal dorsal cut in the body wall with fine scissors. Cut carefully with just the tip of the scissors, keeping the blade that is beneath the exoskeleton shallow. Extend your cut all the way to the front of the head. Carefully pin out the body wall in a dissecting pan (locate the grasshopper slightly to one side of the dissecting pan so that you can observe its anatomy under low magnification). 1. Note the muscles throughout the body; those in the thorax are especially well developed to move the legs and wings. Pull the exoskeleton away from the thoracic tissue, and look for delicate, small, transparent tracheae extending inwards from the spiracles. Carefully remove some of the transparent threads from the exoskeleton using your fine forceps. Place the tissue in a drop of water on a microscope slide, add a cover slip and view under the 40X objective of the compound microscope. Notice the ring-like structures that keep
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