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101 when the clamping screw is loosened. On some microscopes there is a failsafe ring, which can be tightened just below the position of the head on its vertical shaft. On some dissecting microscopes, you must take care that the objective lenses are in proper position, or fit exactly in their click stops. If you see a double image when the magnification setting is in its proper position, the microscope is out of adjustment. Call the instructor for help. To view a specimen using a dissecting microscope, first place it on the plate, and adjust the light source so that the beam of light falls directly upon the specimen. Starting with the lowest magnification, focus on the specimen using the focus adjustment knob toward the back of the microscope. Then, increase the magnification as necessary and make your observations. As with the compound light microscope, please ensure that you store the dissecting microscope properly. The head of the microscope should be raised well above the base upon
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