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102 D. Scientific drawings: A scientific drawing is a graphical means of presenting results or observations; it is an effective means of communicating results. Over the course of the semester, and in subsequent biology courses, you will be required to complete proper scientific drawings. The following section indicates the guidelines that must be adhered to for scientific drawings in order to complete and receive full credit for a scientific drawing. Scientific Drawing Guidelines: 1. Although the cells are microscopic, your drawing should be large in size. Make complete use of the space allotted to complete a drawing. For example, if you have a full blank sheet of paper use the whole page, leaving only enough room at the bottom for your figure caption. 2. Use a sharpened pencil , never ink or colored pencil crayons. 3. Place the drawing slightly to the left side of the space, leaving room for labels to the right of the drawing. If there are many labels, position the drawing in the center. 4.
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