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vi You may also wish to make use of the electronic mail facilities available. All students are automatically assigned an email address upon registration. Talk to Information Technology if you are unsure about how to use email. Dissections: This semester, you will be introduced to the art of dissection. As with any other component of Biology 1020 labs, we will not force you to perform the dissections, but if you choose for any reason not to participate, recognize that you are still responsible for the material presented. No one can tell you how to dissect; it must be learned through practice. There are, however, some helpful hints that will improve your acquisition of dissecting skills. 1. Dissection is not surgery. It is not your objective to put the organism back together again, so you can be less cautious about your procedures. Generally, if particular caution is required, you will be given notice of this in the laboratory instructions. 2.
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