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2 A. Taxonomy and Hierarchical Taxa : Taxonomy is the branch of biology that deals with naming and classifying the diverse forms of life. There are three facets to taxonomy: 1. arrangement of organisms into groups based on shared similar characters ( classification ); 2. assignment of names to the groups ( nomenclature ); and 3. arrangement of the classification into a form, such as a dichotomous key which can be used to identify specimens ( identification ). You will be introduced to the use of a dichotomous key as a tool for identifying lichens in the Fungi lab. We will practice arranging organisms into hierarchical groups in the first part of this lab. When examining an organism, it is first recognized as a eukaryote (domain), then as an animal (kingdom), and so on. The entire hierarchy from the most to the least inclusive is: Domain ± Kingdom ± Phylum ± Class ± Order ± Family ± Genus ± Species In the eighteenth century Carolus Linnaeus assigned a two-part Latin name or binomial
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