2070HW_FluidDynamics_SHM_Soln (1)

2070HW_FluidDynamics_SHM_Soln (1) - Physics 2070 Homework 8...

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Physics 2070 Homework 8 1. Water flows smoothly through the pipe shown in the figure, descending in the process. Rank, from largest to smallest, the four numbered sections of pipe according to a. the volume flow rate (or flux), the flux is equal for each section of the pipe b. the flow speed through them, and 1, 2=3, 4 c. the water pressure within them 4, 3, 2, 1 2. A 50 gram mass is hanging from a spring whose unstretched length is 10 cm and whose spring constant is 2.5 N/m. In the list below are described five situations. In some situations, the mass is at rest and remains at rest. In other situations, at the instant described, the mass is in the middle of an oscillation initiated by a person pulling the mass down and releasing it. Ignore both air resistance and internal damping in the spring. At the time the situation occurs, indicate whether the force vector requested points up, down, or has magnitude zero. a. The force on the mass exerted by the spring when the mass is at its equilibrium position and is at rest. up
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2070HW_FluidDynamics_SHM_Soln (1) - Physics 2070 Homework 8...

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