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Physics 2070 Homework 2 Explain answers clearly, show all work where appropriate, and circle your answer. You may write answers and solutions on your own paper. 1. A car is driven east for a distance of 50 km, then north for 30 km, and then in a direction of 30 ° east of north for 25 km. Sketch the vector diagram and determine a. the magnitude and b. the angle of the car’s total displacement from its starting point. 2. A small ball rolls horizontally off the edge of a tabletop that is 1.20 m high. It strikes the floor at a point 1.52 m horizontally away from the edge of the table. a. How long is the ball in the air? b. What is its speed at the instant it leaves the table?
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3. A pendulum with a ball at the end is set swinging by holding it at the point marked A in the figure and releasing it. The x and y coordinate are shown with the origin at the crossing point of the axes and the positive directions are indicated by the arrowheads. a. During one swing, the string breaks exactly at the bottom most point of the swing (point labeled B in the figure) as the ball is moving
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2070HW_VectorsProjectileMotionSoln - Physics 2070 Homework...

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