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BISC 101 Midterm Exarn e) An example of an en4fme cofactor is ?rn- - O '}f 0 A chemical reaction which requires energy to proceed is called gndngwMQgO' ?-\" g) The enzyme which attaches an amino acid to each I-RNA molecule is called RNA oal,,,rrnr . ,^< h) The period.during mitosis which is the shortest in leng& is called I ' 5 --' 'f ,to ra4e- whilethelongestphase bdrd- tvto'$'o* ' l.f involves the conversion of i) The locationintb€ cellwheretranscripiontakesplaae rs nUgk ros - t ind &e location in lhe ell ufiere tramlartim akcs plrcc
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Unformatted text preview: is j) Sickle cell hemoglobin results from a single amino acid change, from ,l-tis to Mic f 3. Provide'd detailed delinition of each of the following terms. Use examples if necessary in your answer to show youknolv what the term means (3 marks each). a) Telomere j DNA b at +A!- ,d ,J mordw a woid W{ I @ ftr +tQ w 'I D^th 4N* @@sgry b ^lded +,o ry,6tt: t^la4e Rl,tft ptrwm, I blich is Vlprrore. 1fu lud 4 &* veie6 , Jt is ry fn nsu,t-bon ce,Us ^^t4 "1r"t n, "b( ulls ....
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