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Unformatted text preview: c I BISC c) l0l Midterm Exam Snrino ?olo Codon usage Trifil!"t C ( v tfr,tuh ) o,/o W Od,r,,S MA/ Urzd, +n Mw +lran on1- Lod"rrLS alyr- *ttst 6aakw / oY*[email protected] ffiic *e-onr hnth^, hr,td , d) Mutation 1{ f 4uW "f nt bwse vr Md_ wiil co"tsc -ilt al{ ruWfru* tl-i*. au bq 'rs +.^"frt , lt iS wtlerl \ in mKuA W ,,ffir"tq ,-1 try/*,t"W tfubud @ tl^ qt ,ht,h 4 tusr ,b prd"W u, # rt cilrA W r e \' ) Okazaki fragment -fiwtrwfuona +M fr'h Wce$u ht&nAw F^/A gar", ,*l W ,/ in ,W,VW -fW gill ,[email protected]'lr, F oilesf4 I ol^rrtr 6"-l Page 4 of l0 ...
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