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BISC 101 Midtenn Exam Sprine 2010 f) Antiparallel S\ruet/rlyp iS ,rrrfu -f I a^ol 4.t- +iln shrahds h,^to gm"dl in e/Y, P'nllzl , ( We dn^til_ lvL;x \\' Tpriv ol,rrocn n 4, Qtul* "trhw , Term Answer Ribosomes o l,L Water L Polyrnerase t Active transport J TATA b RNA aL Base pairing i Watson d Cyclin .9 RFLP e Adenine, Guanine L Mendel U Tlris B c^'ilu( a^ilp,rollut 4. For each of the terms provided below, choose th most appropriate matching
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Unformatted text preview: term from the choices column.Indieatc in the answer column what that matching term is by writing in its letter.!lqE: Each choice term can only be used once ( 0.75 marks each ). Choices 3r Rrines b. homoter F Aqtaporins fi Cnck e. DNA Fingerprint rAf.P g. CDK k *otein synthesis f Hydrogen bonding f Peas ,E DNA replication Jr Uracil Dr.Z. K. Punja Page 5 of l0...
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