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e BJ-Sjl JOJ .rytrjdtrl:rr-lvep Srrrinq 2010 5. Provide 3 examples where DNA technology has provided useful benefits to humans (3 marks) o ' 2- OetvAil,^J*[email protected] "@,: li^ot +k o (> ?c,* t!il-A"6i LDNft wh'yt'w*) Yuwl '^ rcet O Guu c)n6]-",^ol B?/nc+'W t{'*Aut N*'"oA +k vriuar. rcwr^ A^ol -frr*Orr*rt to4f*t,) 6. For each of the following pairs of terms, provide two features that can be used to accgrately distinguish betwem fum ( 3 na*s each ). .a a) Phagocytosis and pinocytosis i(n o d^kv' Jnuht- q \. (q,1hs'5 is -cht'l'ql cdfAlh{
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Unformatted text preview: uN'Y' 1rI.L ! -ilte. ,;^ qA t*'Y n4u^lst t;h Pat/*$ t ?ilr,oc4fioSf il Q'41'd velt'^l"at % 4la cAs"w 5"bila 6'r'1' ahs"'blt itlt" ( A wi€h ry vs Grlro^l ^1'v WrrJet utttt-in ry trNS ot4,ofitt/, 4 ry,d $'bt n b) Osmosis and active transPort [email protected] b eil,i"t "f wo'n/ffi/fi' 0wsV t; vb'L Pd&ntld I dafi'r kil,/(. +,AnspT L i5 -bhl' rdw?Y{ t A frrP:tdw4 4 erw67, Pilt +/ra"4fffi' Acti"t- p'&*"rpx"t o?-'*s uol alrt4 nP y'dw,"lu w in, ( sablL ) a^tt t-"er,.'tu $4 f Dr.Z. K. Puqia Page 6 of 10...
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