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9. Y6u have done so weil in your first tark that you are asked to give mother one ! This nnt it-tJjJJ;n"*;iir ffi;iand repair thbr DNA ,.. ilffii:ttcate below +ll 'h" p"ints vou woutd inctude on rhis topic ( 8 ryJ RT"* j wA bL ot* \ ,{r,gwrue. FlrsL .t;e+t,LL R al*,,l"eA 4a % hry+ W?E 0",L. ivru wA ruc(N)fu4 +rl*l iS *r*rad ,L I> ul&(,l4e* g a"al
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Unformatted text preview: ,/ rAry {*v rK U 10. Describe what is meant by the term ,. RhtA processin g u ?\I&y does the cell ni:ed to do this ? ( 5 ;;; t -fMA ry*uY it t),1 [*,4*f*^" po-K,rft;yRuA ,rytu giu>t F, ,yfr"l X Yfu( wM (rty-4-4+f w M ^"(dr/ Ar^Al ilrl'rln1 2{ g,rt.-7,-VIln ux-r4n>o.r fu +y+r/w / Rt"fl E t"-rt*/ Dr.Z. K. punja Page l0 of l0...
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