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DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY CHEM 28lL- Organic Chemistry Laboratory I Hydrolysis of Methyl Salicylate )Yf\ Introduction: Methyl salicylate is a naturally occurring Wintergreen oil as well as in Sweet Birch. liniments to relieve muscle and joints pain. compound which can be found in It is used in arthritis salves and other Methyl salicylate has two functional groups, the alcohol OH group and the ester group COOCH3. Esters are formed by the combination of an alcohol, e.g. R-OH and a carboxylic acid, R-COOH. Under basic conditions, esters can be hydrolyzed, i.e. split into its components: the alcohol and the carboxylic acid. For the hydrolysis of methyl salicylate this can be represented by the following equation: Carborylic acid Salicylic acid Set-up:
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Unformatted text preview: The set-up for the lab will be displayed in the lab, so no worries, the lab instructor will walk you through its assembly at the beginning of the lab. The set-up consists of u [email protected], a magnetic stir bar, a jacketed ,Lvi;,tond.nt.i "q.ripp.d gmffirr-tn. set-up should be secured to a ring stand using a clamp. The hot plate and the aluminum block will be used to heat the mixture to reflux. A thermometer is used to control the temperature of the set-up at all time. SIffON I'RAS},N U\IVTTtSI-IY IHINKING OF IHE WORLD , : : i:!:;: : ,: : : :!: 11:!: !; :;,:. . , i. : r i j i i i i !: i i ! ! i i ; i 1 ! : ' Ester function ,/ / Alcohollunction oYocft //-\--ot NaoH \, ,* Methyl salicylate o$'"""""" ry"' $*"...
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