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BISC 101 Midterm Exam Sprine 2010 1. Read the following statements carefully and indicate whether they are tme (T) or false (F). ( 0.75 mark eac.h) a) Cancer cells display density-dependent growttr in tissue culture. b) During the * S " phase of the cell cycle, active synthesis ofDNA and RNA takes place. The synthesis of mRNA during transctiption occurs inthe 3'to 5' direction / L/ _d _/ _U il _L/ _t _L/ _L/ -r/ c) d) e) The most abundant type of RNA molecule inthe cell is transfer-RNA (IRNA). One tip you received to help you do well inthis eutnp was to review your lecture not€s erchmonth During electron transport, electrols ane transftrnod fiom NADH and FADHzto H2O. The loss of elecmns from a molecule means it is nowoxitlized. In Krebs cycle, the conversion of glyceraldehyd*3-phmphate to
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Unformatted text preview: 1,3 bisplroryhoglycerate is accompanied b')'the pro&rtim of 2 molecules of NADH. Glycoproteins on the cell membrane surface regularclhe movement of glucose into the cell. The Krebs cycle occurs in the outer membrane of the mitochondria. Point mutations in the DNA can result in a novel amino acid being fonned from the corresponding mRNA. The proton punp is called an electrogenic purnp becarse it requires energy in the form of ATP to firnction. s) h) i) i) k) l) a)-r-(\ 2. Fill in the blanks in the spaces provided to form a corrgct statement ( 0.75 mark per blank) 0-5 0{ The total yield of energy-carrying molecules from glycolysis of one glucose moleculet -ATE and .>fVffPH b) The first Cdk to bhr*ff"d was Dr. Z. K. Punja Page 2 of l0...
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