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Tns Orucrus 0F ]VfurrlcElrurARrry %"h4osrprotisi ::i#:I T"%-?ffi""I:::;::::o:s, .!:'l':;*-*u#ffiTrn:l li:J: colonies, J*ir "*ri i, *"j-lir;; "r,?;J',:. :::t',H:,T:.* reialns.,the capacitv to give :"";i]"oiJ,ll?: lifi:: fUdimenfarrr r{irzi*.i^,: ^f I^1-.-- -.,irr,: ,! .. fi *'trJil3*i:lf l::_::y*Xlf, 1_il;#';;;#g:i#tH::,: j,::[J ;":ffi ;:1li:ilT1,:':,il-,:'l'l:"::1.::1:;J*ii' ffi ;'".J::ilffi ;',:;::: ll,.;:,:lgTl j.-:ll:::::, j:.:**:";;'.*;;i"?liil".-ffi ?::il#Til: restricted to a nonreproiluctive role. Exercise X The volvocclcesns cnd the Evoruticn of Differenticfion The farnily vorvocqceoe mode/s o possib/e path to murticeilurority. Me*bers of the volvocaceoe, c fomily.,of gree,n algoe, illustrste rnitotic division of a cell followed by differeniioiion of itr* Luutt;ng"d"o"ught*," ceils, with some of lhese cells develooiiq,:p:.iollt"J froperties Livir[ represenrarives of this fcmily con be orgonized ro iirusrroie * porribru;;;il;'*'ur,lJirr,,r*r,r, Chlamydomonssis s unicellulargreen olgo with two flogello? seen in Fiqure
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This note was uploaded on 12/27/2011 for the course BISC 333 taught by Professor Mattsson during the Fall '09 term at Simon Fraser.

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IMG_0002_NEW_0001 - Tns Orucrus 0F ]VfurrlcElrurARrry...

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