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+ 3' (a) The order of events in the development of a cell is o{ten described as Specification ) determination ) differentiation. Demonstrate your understanding of these t.t t oy e"fl"i"i"g the difference betpreen: i / ,po:.dA'n?1iHlil{,ffi"'fiX'i ct=irsned tolet -id -d-M a1"r',r;ru1lir{, -fh^, biil\ Keep l},tir, .fit&. flo.,uQ','. .1n, ,l +tOrif,tri- rei!- tu,.,rlrtt4uiit (orrr{trr ennl"y-), 'tl*g wrll *t{,{rt a nftJ .1".t" (o{ +p *r' ira.'i Wq\ ato'ynas .lrcitic A;{e' r qnq *IqbV, urnlitr rp,i[i<r{ cet[ :r $.*.,drq\ or & ncrn-ru+dnq( envi vart(Vn\., tt l *il( cdopl '-th+, oigir I f- [cr+--r :r yt\L %'tnh,.bib ]* t.e: '.,,'tiot\.es l"qA" I s'"-r- '" )- {- r'vti tatreCi'p1f,Vnl ctt* * ,'novtd inlo cn rto'alrj afii g*[ ,of., ^ nrYi/Uudrel <nu,ahw$. betermi rvd cali :, \ft1 l{Z{tfl Wtl\), ue,let rmrtta A C4 fi s S$l,*n +ry qne F*{ irrlo {"t*. b. determined and differentiated cells &far,rr,rroct c-olis fta l'*t^. bee{\ assren$ :Pcfic * ytqbk {.r{et I Lrcp 6i^ch €r1", / "-i'. .!-n rnoL^{d ',rrt., d,t{€nar4{
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Unformatted text preview: zn*run,rfiA. , d,rernnt,qt*C qlts hqrie drhr'u,t^d:-.Cmdecutes innqrkrl {o c^ny a,^61il11 fo{&quot;) ,,^ 4*,,r (ta + aru extnOnV&quot;\y tlof.t &amp; 4' The foilowing pictures show the segmentation^of a. wrld-type embryo (left) and ag gbdB mutant (right). Th&quot;=a!!gg1is not expressed in parasegment 9 and do&quot;, not ,p.&quot;ig, puru.egment&amp;dentity, yet in abdB mutants paras@ments 1_0; U take on pu.ui.g-.-nt 9 identiry. I LJ\ : 11 &quot;r nat is the 2-word phrase used to explain this in class? N*ftgrrr dar^n*ru-: \,,'.rha: is rhe name of this type of mutant? : j i:'r. . dces it rvork on a molecular level? /,'.1 !;-tlUn*x c'mpk( &lt;.vThb sngrnanta[i&quot;n ' '&quot;[ -'r-t * Ub'l ) abd A , I obd 6.-,.: (-, orr{o,f dt u^I{(( ir'l-.*, _llrnrrlqf'lcz d&amp;f W\0rru g*n*rl{r*tim fifilir{n+ ''nllnolr&quot;r rzgraa iJ,nrl'li. i7&quot; tcmflor it camprd n{ $uw th'rrn yrvn .t OCCxf rfl 0{9,!(' po,fu,Y gxfits A rnCIrtlt-&amp;'qr,r{ryicr &quot;fo i+ t &quot;r atartple, qklA ovrrzt3 [ir,t^,dt) +Vw iri,tqt- :t,L(,ti) &quot;i ubx. ll...
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