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IMG_0002_NEW_0011 - W 4 apicrl medstem Radial oattem...

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t Plasmodesmata cvtoolasmicallv connect neiqhboring plant cells. lrabilopsri embrvo pattemine mutants The Plant Cell The basic bodv olan is established durins Embryosenesis i i ;":ra;- , ..r.." ,,*g; r ] ' :ls3il.rJi-.-..=f :iffWffi illl:,l;ll*".-*
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Unformatted text preview: W ! 4. apicrl medstem Radial oattem oftissue meristems are established in a qlobular embryo Two cell sbg€ Octant sbge Globuld stage ffiffiffi a @tu)€pihis b. pundrissue)onex C. pllgnbiM ) vasulElissue...
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