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IMG_0002_NEW_0012 - C [email protected] of coryledon [email protected] Kru...

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Meristems are established in the heart-shaoed embno F s lateBl oisril.e lomd (coryldont Shoot Meristemless (slz) mutmts lack a shoot aoical meristem Wt side rr, side The role of Auin in patternins the earlv embrvo t '*# -l llG;;*."a"'l led I rModrr : -sx#[email protected];;.-{*--WII ffiI "e;-:*:.*-., I H ll [i I -- 1 Fr n i L- rlli n , The role of Auxin in patteminq the early embruo Establism€nt ofauxin maxima correlate Flth gen€radve processes A: fomtion of embryo proptr Br [email protected]
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Unformatted text preview: C: [email protected] of coryledon primordia ;@F Kru 4':[email protected] ri.::l: r:': i .: '-"::" :lr"t r..g*i,' t: ', c Plant Clonine and Reseneration H _zl EEHEHEE Pattmrefinement / differcntiation, accmulation of nutiens, desiccation and seed rest The role of Auin in pattemins the early embrvo Tle phltohomone Auin (LdA)-t\.-::a.:-/1tt: " lpl tta \!,{;-.1 ',: F: :' , : The PIN family ofauin efflu proteid frcilitate auin hnspofl...
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