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Auxin aoplication on the pe results in leaf initiation. Auxin Leafformation WMw I:WWM 6W'W*-!l.@ WM %WW vtt'*aw wa :aw w lrlww:;. . ' M Y WW ryW wW '", r: :qjt EW*- ; U. W:.'" a W;: :: Y :, ,r1n-h-\ \W wa ' :Ltu&M; H;'.*!gg'ffi"' W .:. .t a:- .MffiF#'W, :k!t " ; W& 4W - \ffi\BLWW #'. 'W! w:W , '%:;,iW * ,, *-: @4 n:{.'.'"{,ti ;.;, ;-. M' . '^tu i.. w":-:tu:.#;"'_:""*" :' ""r Spiral phvllotaxis 1.:. ... : Lateral inhibition model. . Inlibitor
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Unformatted text preview: of leaf primordia fomation is secreted fiom existing primordia. meristems. The root apical meristem is established durins embrvogenesis. Regulation ofphvllotaxis by oolar auin hansoort. Aurin tl't,\ p.ot.itr Atrrin loclliBtion ', lo.sbriod Reinhsdr et al \ATLru :ml Tubnal FFr Elimination of polar auin transoort result in tubular lerl lomation. WT WT with essential y no PAT activity Side view Top view...
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