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o The root apical meristem. \{amtion Zon€ Elongation Zone Division Zone Arabidopsis thaliana. ,oqe, *y^,* I =-ll si q.'o," . t^,ai l,F fdi'Hd j ,""1,.'"",!] I @ffi***.",.", o Transition in meristem function. Vegetative merist€m -> Reproductive meristem producing leafprimodia producing flowen lrabrdopsrs and the war ofthe whorls (cen sd lt.y.twiq Nrtun 1sl) Homeosis coined by iohan Wolisart von coelhe (1749-l8l:)
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Unformatted text preview: b dmcdb a nowd i;which "n. oryun nua Ur ,ryU".a uy "n.l-Homeotic muht- a mutant with conflEion in space HeErochronic mugnt- a mutrnt with confiEion in time In lraDrdozsr. a oistil consists of two camels. sft M l*s t.- ..;.- l\\-,dr'*'i\d #, t/ eYh \ U\ ffi , iffi*a iffi M I d's / W \ \\ o-l fl ./\J/ frs , *sry" t2lt,attt ffifflH‚ā¨ilffiffi]ffi...
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