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. Tso bmeotic mursnts in Dnsnphiln. "hrab;othoro\ sna a'E,,apl:a. . The rccion si h homolosy. a 150 bp sfttch otD:A \* naned ! h:.*:r:r and $ecoftsFndins rrekh olmride. a hmedmsin Courion: ' Many nulanls dclecrirc in hoh.obx gscs Fluh h F.+-_-F:i -d!F ' Vo-\ horncorL nuranr' are de'e.r^e F "k r ? 1. o WT lrabrdoasis flo*er. 1 2 l aa I I [email protected] Whorl 1 - sepals Whorl 2 - p€tals Wlorl 3 - p€bls 4 - sepals Whorl 5 - petals all whorls - lev€s Suggesb: sepals, petals, stamff and carpels are modified leaves
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Unformatted text preview: Lackpetals and stames Whorl I -sepals Whoil 2 - sepaloid Whorl 3 - carpelloid Whorl 4 - carpel o The ABC model of flower develonment. ?hod l -:"- I* t:L-d:*3$$ffi ltli: f;ffiAr4-vt1J}?+nal 6enesffi !t uftL,o : Seoal 61sr i 565s6 i q1p6 i . /\, wri!.i / 1c:)6s \ \ t€@&! \\g*y// "*-ltwtLe *prl [email protected], 3twrle 5!oal tu$l tural serrl o ffin Lack [email protected] andpetals Whorl I - caryelloid Whorl 2 - sbmenoid Whorl 3 - shmens Whorl 4 - carpels...
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