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Unformatted text preview: Whorl 2 - sepaloid Whorl 3 - carpelloid Whorl 4 - carpel WT Arabidopsis flower. Whorl I - sepals Wlorl 2 - petals Wlorl 3 - petals wtorl 4 - sepals whorl 5 - pebls Multiple mutant al whorls - leaves Sugges6: sepals, p€tals, stamff and carpels arc modificd leaves @ cer$ffi itru*,'e : seDal Pebl ' 5tdhe^ : A.eel , /\. w,oi / //d'.tA\ \ ts@&t \!ee-l,/ "** ilrulse SF{ l4tat 9.m4n GrFl-@, skwr!ru soal kr.l &rai Sepdl...
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