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,€eR e"I*?"p q€f ,o,,*,I*^n,*. // cr-*s \\ llc c: nll \\ er-e ll 6vppl gri tn nrmen Cirpfl s** =. lil3=---r-- S.&l cirpcl C.'!el Smmav of the ABC model of flower development I . Three clas$s of 0onl o'!an identifr ecncs. A, B and C. deleBine fi€ Lr of orron bmed in ihc l owcr 2. The A and C senes inhibil each orhds sdivny/cxrssiotr. l. Cla* A acdviry alone sFcify sepak. 4. ClBss A andB actiliryrogorhq sFciry tsbh. 5. classB and c acrivitl rogeiherstscify sbnr€ns 6. Class C acliviy Jone ryrify carls. 7. Class C acdvny t required ro reminare gtuMh in the floFl s',+u\nr).i ;'lorcac.{$iiiinc'r d"j{akiin,rri in ri.DidD6l ^n,e il rqlt J b.
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Unformatted text preview: A. \ildrweUowr IM K HI develqMl !i de flants oidc hnoF*mce ndsbn wisont h 4rC1Z s€n€ fucdoN, de infloEsetre nensh qitl pilu€ rddlnl ;florescence rt rhe fla*s ol i! Post translational activation of ARf 's bv auin mediated deeradation of ALX/IAA renressors. fu= &:.s'*4#i ir 1 1./ The canalization ofauxin flow hvpothesis-.&._ @. K'\"li V{Nll \\-ll \ll Wr wNt \d \H Positive Feedback loop promotes auin transDon. ARF hscription facbr gene I ARF prot€in Bomd to repressor (inactive) I ARF protein Repr6sor degraded (active) I Auin Transpofi (f'li{ gene tsanscriptiod) I t Auin accmulation I Developmenhl progm...
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