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IMG_0002_NEW_0021 - The meristem is divided into...

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-{\rr- c'i1.4-v\'51+4'yi hqt thnirc .\,v,cLd &r1--\-_ee ,rrlc /ln\arft hpqfs i 6, LZ , i, ,,rr rhltrii" inptf r:. C?rhq \ a,N , 6r vrkJ zcr'i.r? , i ,"i e/ .itt*ra\." \i€ in. -lhl ,*ttlnt\ Tt-t'uQ, *ir'le lfr" prtrip,lrur,* &-+ a,ltl\ ci.W u,>t {o leraw> , 4idil-.Jl*,C.; 1 l'- Zt\'YL . .i -riq d[tr'\ c€l\''r ,lrc\{cddrnq t-:tll'; I $ {'*r, ltharel roill r.r,.t'l,<<,ytr:r- -'1'h. u,b "z,ti.s- 4t eq { 5t 4. -l\rr- t.r,nlyn\ 't'rg:r"t+: 6{ {h picrfll Cen'1. The shoot meristem produces the structures above ground Arabidopsis shoot meristem i Hvoocotvl
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Unformatted text preview: The meristem is divided into functionalzones. The central zone contains the stem cells, the peripheral zone contains cells that will give rise to leaves. SAM: shoot apical meristem AB: axillary bud Shoot meristem organization CZ: r;*nlr*l t_r":n*:, contains stem cells to replenish PZ and RZ, maintains integrity of CZ PZ: Ss*riSsk*r aI,,_tsn*, contains cells that give rise to new lateral organs (leaves, side shoots) RZ: ri?s t-rtrz*, give rises to central tissues of the stem Functional subdivision 2...
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