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- [- r 'f wL ' P\ru- - L''', = ct\V c\rva[-L --{ "v\ drile'.n 're rrlCrrl',66\ (a+ rq\n aryP; l- "n.J P\e,it -i!u. r,.',4tc.t .{ +u '-,io., AHlwiqr ti'* 3 \, *'t L,rir\. .,h -th.", _L{-> ^ r\^. /..-. I t d in i\rr 6"rtlrnt vlrnd c[ lh.r- rrra',dr,l *v,'' i.,r* Ihi- rrq',:e,f tr!,' [i't+ p*rrr&; rl 5rc'-ttt, q.1$ Ajlir.r 'y1 ai LL h"in r\ll rlu'c\-u \roil\V', ttr't: ctl *s rru{\ o"rya,llei t -,ira o J ak" wwabrn, 1 4hw: aru o{ -tlrt r,u- v,J 4#ioi r t)u;w, . "{hft\ {ldc- ,5 iL') " *o a,n[ c\r rrn\ \sr.l prrtru'dic. a \ on4i,-\,'n*fl -Ydl<dn 6t cel\ Cr,.r"t -t. . {rm, lfrAirfl I a el+ G>Y|L3 tltS,lu tu! w}'ur -llu- irvidr perici,nal{y flr t/td -irr Li "Lfvr cets 0{4 di |/Jhi-r(',*t5 +{vapL',.\ futeya. r\1 6[.-[. .r rrr,1ea1 th rU,,*,m lq*r ,r1 whcVt {h; ,,.ti- t.,t,,ry',, whcV\ , flr< cr.r(-' cr.rg,iAlftl f Jhrd ,dit,Li{1;.1*r' a'gl\qll'tti 't ,n.*-tr^. .1
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Unformatted text preview: .t ?JTryiE ',', cYu^\ r'g t> 4 "4p i I, rt > ,\,. pr ;ifc,r a{c_ qrz Shoot meristem organization L1, L2: two layers (1 cell wide) forming lhe t.rsntr,rl Cell divisions are anticlinal. L3: the innermost layer (r.*rp:r), where cells can divide in any direction. L1 cells give rise to the epidermis, L2 cells mostly produce leaves and flowers and L3 cells mainly stem. Layering Lineage analysis in plants Clonal analysis in chimeras: mark individual cells and trace their progeny through cell divisions ln plants you can use chemically (colchicine) induced polyploidy or radiation induced chloroplast mutations (color) A pnrrc\''g\ tn?{Yi& c{ $"ron\w, Yr,!-rr€ki'.\ chrslh c.a\\: 6 Z .1l,{orr+*\ dvtt$or| [!ronr- al"gr'rHo {u Tvarrri\ chnunorrte S) i hrqrr t nqri" e-rcuy1rza\ ,"J...
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