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IMG_0002_NEW_0023 - in other words WUS and CLV have...

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Genes controlling shoot meristem development sHooT MERTSTEMLESS (STM) lacks SAM, required to prevent stem cells from differentiating wuscHEL (wus) loss of stem cells in the SAM; forms new flanking meristems to compensate, that are soon used up as well, hence the bushy phenotype. GLAVATA (CLV) 1,2,3 Have enlarged SAM meristems due to an enlarged central zone, i.e. more stem cells
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Unformatted text preview: in other words, WUS and CLV have antagonistic roles in regulating the size of the stem cell population Genes controlling shoot meristem development sHoor MERTSTEMLESS (STM) homeobox containing transcription factor wuscHEL (wus) another homeobox containing transcription factor GLAVATA (CLV) 1,2,3 CLVl, CLV2: cell surface receptor CLV3: ligand for CLVI/2...
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