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o o - "tlu nga\.rurr -q\0noffrrin .l fl qluc-tr\n J a/\ d*A r^ha.noby ld\,L1 €\Piq€rtbn -r€sMded b o o0u9 iA 4hr rrtrthbu;n crar*-r b {Lspt>nitdz fa,n Jfu- ''nd*d 4w nxfnes;n s cLtl: +" 3v(pl\tt) {h{ axoYvslon o{ tcus' oY\c{ntZtfbt .{'ul +t\.+ ctV i/z WUS and CLV interactions ' WUS expression is expanded in CLV mutants o CLV3 expression is reduced/absent in WUS mutants ' WUS mutants lack the central zone (CZ), i.e the stem cell
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Unformatted text preview: region o WUS is expressed in cells below the CZ How does it work? ILVJ exprersi*n A 6 ? s ffi fl wus WUS induces (via an unknown signal) stem cell fate in overlying cells. Stem cells produce CLV3, which moves laterally and downward. Cells surrounding WUS expressing cells express the receptor CLV112 and upon receiving the CLV3 signal, repress WUS. '*LuV3 ''{/r \^vn e}grtr\5 +hru,gh (Lv3...
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