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IMG_0002_NEW_0026 - -i[L 0r,nnoecl,ct z.1*t i urqin"lo...

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- fhi qqrirrrZrYt\ CtftP( (k) eAP{v{Jt'; fh{ 4{dn'-"t:'frtq J"5t fhA f,rrlrt-\* J r4fa .,1 F "liu.nrn ,,,,pi",.'ll"r[-rr' :];rtJ (f) +knr crrt) W\ -lfw r''nrn 6orir exfrv5l 1 rr-r9lc i1ri ?1fU\ fr.'ln^ (LV-j i,l.+), dlwn filtrlJ5 i, ,p*drr.<ety , nifry(4.i 1r-an-<iq),"n .J 4ht '.rlti5 9/.,^u rti4r01 Aft(L'tt'ih "i: zzrcf]-,/ ?ruieii'., (L'Jl t CuV2. - CLU4 -th"r: \,,'r.11: -rhl- .arl+nl .{ lrtf_ ctftir :&c'\,+A of s,lrn catls - 1"h( ,.lt,Xnt/1a,d-, 4 )L *n r€!l> (n? ,cn{,t'lirt^-id, Jt p\tC t(-!,-', -i'rl yx+,pl.uft.l ?1,{ .ci +,. rywn:ki41 t wlrne), HLrurrtr tltwrr at& - (tci'u,H -,r*,. ho{ ffi ywrud,;^ idLl5, *h<l1 vfir,(e5 -Jhr+ {\lrlrn',n> f /lL rln!"Vilr? *^: h',ch v1'lo'td> i.dq r., llu i r, -1he-';i,ii'Fr'irplrff ,,'Qi57' - A./:, 41ar1 ,,*r..^4**U,
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Unformatted text preview: -i[L 0r,nnoecl,ct z\+.1,*t, i urqin "lo 1',t -n f rtTrl- q., , f,,4.:L (\ t lr,ir ,dt,x.io\- oh,tin{ Ct\r1-a[u 1rr\,c,\ prvA,Jr ""1h,ri ifu .f P^)+ffrrt cf 4.q rifi'[ i<-*{ Pl"rrtP1j,.t'A How does it work ? ffi rtrm*llsttLV3) "€ [LV3Eotrir , : FriFhtralze*e ffi organizing<enrv{Hi}SJ Leaf development Leaf primordia form as a result of increased localized cell division and altered patterns of cell division. Leaves have a proximo-distal axis (base to tip) and a adaxial-abaxial axis (upper to lower surface, also called dorso-ventral axis). O.fuA84l. _.t rLl L{tq{ 5\rLq\a leptiui> (4{a ',J I fl c. rTghnvC,cal!'1 'rp'tii,,, .tp 1['{ a}om, dd{t' 'i il lvui rr\tvr:i'r,A B llO't"o<\t: +Jutfilra$ v tht [er,{ g *Ilc,qi'rcr...
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