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_ \e,*[, frmcre]ir. . ct{W ar'u,.if,.t 4rq d,clag -f "llw a6?icel d,wU, rvlgrch -vra prerur.'i*-m @yicn jvi*t 4],{ fiefrort-e Wr{,, 'off*,r lhl aFX ' 4 n4-- 114 frt-rtir,rdiutt1"''5 , {'rrrtd dglrlty abw i ** ,u{&ud rdn{ lrpieo\ qrvatl#ernan+ "{ y,nn"rZlr,^ cri\ i< {".n v'i'iblt- 'J 4 "? <4v !i "n <-t @p"v,,'dt p.ltilo:1.,n|bat",> hedz 51i( 5ft4Le5 'n 'M'ic-pr' l,( q.t J.x{-nentp Leaf development cross section
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Unformatted text preview: Aspects to be explained: axis formation and spacinq and arranqement of leaves- -(phyllotaxis)-,St'i,a\, lAi,,'v"-,t(Xtt"ifi\ 1'( citl: ' I tu(Va ',I Adaxial-abaxi al special isations cross section of a mature *, Adax,al *oid6rrnrs p.r,sau" /Photosynthesis mea*pSr1l SFOnoy- -tnssoiiwrr ,d z_rlqt{5-) ffi-:vasculature .qb,asial gas eordermls excnange (stomata)...
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This note was uploaded on 12/27/2011 for the course BISC 333 taught by Professor Mattsson during the Fall '09 term at Simon Fraser.

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