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Positioning of leaf primordia A- Spiral phyfioraxy 4rr5lr i:lu''i -:2 t.1yit.cL g, Whorled ptrytlolnxy *t "A ,,,t,,,r,( --=iiF*\ W;^,ff" ,,,,.,-'T*,,,*rp W- l leal l<{ (VLU 2 ]ciiws 3 leelea -lcr,1\ ,11 {^r
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Unformatted text preview: ,1,, rr+!W {"1 y., :\,r'r1,,r"'.,'5,,\n, f, I {uin: i,\rrurt rTc,i,:t,' ,- rnhrhil<,''-r$nort*tl "f t' t,t\] .v',1at to\ il'-" \r-dl \X I rl4hthrtr r cr\'vzr-r\ct c'l t' tit l) q 10...
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