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IMG_0002_NEW_0029 - phyllotaxis in the embryo Auxin flow in...

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- flo 'Ah ilt,tun' {,-,b,\t c\rainoqo- ,- accu',it1io.l*florr o{ atrxrn Aqx'nt ho.AdstT=- ' nrvs\tqni:rn' cf phryllolcui -c,turxrfl l: {rqntpc,rt<A thvcul,r Pitrl prultn'L: .>21>\orrtLrrt .["n k{ .$r,rvAion *^v r autxrn t:i1!" 6it1 .\c*.*"^Jr 41ttl-e2 "{ c,tn1n n (cl..rk), al urhicYr a/r crqcrrL p'rnruordi'xrn t.;;rl i"nrt -der\rl'' ?a . -,( ,' 'i*- a+' Z ,x ,r1+'' e>E"l -l"rr,^,atrv,i --['g1 l--i t" Qr^ aUXtn rlrroV|crn;t' I 9oc'cunu,lo#, "l toI ctuKrtl L,.l .$rrn wfur^'a' th dtstt,.nu o '':q.] .-cctt: .,or,4l 1|lu rfu w loolfir w rrfl; nl runrrt ba;'rrv- drfl4,.d "+ aqir\ tigrd"r) I i.Ih,ch cqu*5 {u 1-ita,'.ty J #e Pt^l trokrrtr 1o awtu- r" tn"f qvfifl J/r,n t'lo# . "*Y 'iian 11* prirnud,im Auxin
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Unformatted text preview: phyllotaxis ... in the embryo Auxin flow ... in the meristem Auxin and phyllotaxis ffi ttlgfixwxin L! lowruxin g -;#\ *,- *t{ w:e#1 High auxin concentrations form in the leaf primordium, depleting c4( the surrounding areas of auxin and preventing formation of primordia close by, Local auxin maxima can form only further away leading to a reorientation of auxin flow, which is always transported towards local maxima. Over time the location of local maxima varies s li &* tr W-qyr?ul l.d,c6t' {hc dnd;", J Ptil pulal.rl1-g,c,gv*b td,+hg frtktl d a,^\q 'o*r.tot4 "r^Lc\ td uP Jh,r wjulu( Qafuri o+ l"&(t i {t-J"' -Ernu{i"t tlcrn rnsr i5lerlr...
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