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I t --rr , l'l Ci\\ \okr^n f[.Bla( "cn o -il, o fd, fnno('fl| rl t,.'- -f s \1tl-Yii ' t \.- -\^-,'AiJ; {l tLtlu' ' - \i.94 1?:4c\kJ &f"-l "€ , ritlpltcrVa(r0',r= ur 4'.;i ca5) o -ce\\ *cl"t trurrn*utt ^ f, t viflt-l tun ->t1ts(t- (€( I -:,'1'r' - Ytoc,-ly glabra2 mutant Trichome mutants in Arabidopsis are (non-lethal) and a large nurnber has Mutants affect either generation, morphogenesis of trichomes. easily isolated been identified. spacing or Wild type
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Unformatted text preview: spacing in Arabidopsis I Trichom ii€t/Gtfig :, : jn6ltcLrtR Starting point is a field of equivalent epidermal cells. A positive feedback loop acts to promote expression of @ s' (TTG1 /GL1 /R) -in the. Vme._cel! A rregative feecjback ioop (IRYgene) blocks-exp reffi form i ng genes x vl v1 s i ts i i *),-; t' i ti'-y cells (i.e. cell non-autonomously). + 1.t"r,t,i 6K" 1 /6 Lt le\ r{'r 12...
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