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The generic model Examples: trichome spacing in plants bristle formation in Drosophila patterning of epidermis in general neuroblast formation in Drosophila J + \c t,- ll !2mtrr*na* *lf orgnnil*l**n &cl&lfugnfnidlh lt LI it4 li ri l; *, v ,rbtl Ynu -a Jlr,'a.{n,' (4 hl /0",1 /w ^'1 [,'b'1"r" 'iPY f.rnt 6u"/1, f\tl\ .- \\, ,l** to L€\ \ r", l\ 9r,ta ,tr6lt" l" rYtrlnt- ttIls b fgC,rrrrtt- Ii'[uv tilnot\t f i'ffe''r. 'c{ll .f,J€ \', dftt.r,rrtrurl b1 .t. Dc,':rtr blt "==: l1 l[\th c, Pq rJ &,tinY d,l.' 2b L> $ -'C .f. N r t) ,tlf#rii+'*' , ^\ol*t Loa ruvduJ. W 'lVrsr 1',s:\"t- ,f),2v{., ufi q{,\ltL4 ' in,*'r' {,'',,'\",h[.
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Unformatted text preview: {'-""1 g'u''f . l-. . L. .r -,c,ii!r,li, . t-.4,t\4 -) (('l{(\ -' t \./ b outin organisation. Vascular_ ffi tissues (XYlem, Phloem) --t)e il*fmi' form in the centre. The root Pprieru ';;i apical meristem close to the tip of the root is responsible for the generation of all the tissues. Roots, in contrast ,61 to shoots have no obvious tpidt ni''it** segmental organisation. L r, , i", t i,ri ; r',{-vri ,,'.:r 1,,t'"; '{ f' |,l-,,, lrr,:rr -{{i ]rir *tlA-L).:,\'rlru' .i'i|+auu'(rint wrlctdte Irur,'rpu,{ '[email protected]
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