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-'tlra rrr* SIarCi' D1 : 4lu Po1 rrior,l+a*'l - V\Lq4.rhufBd {h[ry c. - e-^,ch -\i::r,ur * 'llv- p,.ticrrlq.t inrlicr\ crtl -/in Crvrj.,n "l c. 4l;fi\Qt &r;rn cd efiqlt irr'rbol Cli15 Call: 'n ilu *d "{ n Xo+ r".tJ b cluw{ fizm 1trw d'u,>r,y't # ^ - al 'frtl- ol ''h{ lv\ar'istenn rcfl+et rd.+ il /\ 7 yi'{tt et ^tL rt,.rlu\ qh'ch dorgn* drt,'rd{_ The root meristem nfihr! tw.aMaI 6*!614fr . nM4t - wlEp i i lgi'dvek hW r {ryt{t$i *rd$kr*l .ffit.*p i{&* 1 I The root meristem can be traced back to a small group of cells in the heart Slggg__gmbryo.==ll-hes an 'organizing centre', the by stem-cell like of cells eventually 'iniiialsTeach
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Unformatted text preview: of which gives rise to a column forming the different layers of the root tissues. Root meristem develooment the quiescent centre is essential for meristem function by maintaining adjacent cells in stem-cell mode (always regenerates first, when the meristem is ablated) despite a stereotypic cleavage pattern, cells in the root differentiate position-dependent rather than lineage dependent (mutants, ablation studies) auxin organizes root patterning (high near quiescent centre), but different downstream genes mediate differentiation (same signal, different effector) 15...
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