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,Jo(n Jilfu^tfu in lrsr'ior'tr Plarts (nrrt Ofi r -yftiltC-1 411Yi6a1ryil -c otri trz"!,vwn{ -19 tc1ciu". $Pr'Ux- ilLiilryrrun L knl dAuuJ"p,*A Flower development - step 1 This transition happens under the influences of environmental signals and leads to the induction of meristem identity
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Unformatted text preview: genes like LEAFY (LFY), which triggers the transition to floral development Lro(gl'ax, nuqtrofi "f kA; plant constitutively expressing LUEY Flower development - step 2 You need to specify !distinct correspoffig to the identity of each of the 4 whorls 3...
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