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IMG_0002_NEW_0038 - "1 h rl 2" ttt't;tltsir:lt 1...

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rflna'lard nx1i6\*t,'tt nnu*o,tr $rl: tu:)tc,fl* r"J' har 3 u*'hu l: Grrpd*,i t ,"{' -?prl 61, 611xt.,\ct') b- apel.'.!q ] c '. C43t\(t1c111 l'trvte a, @, rh,nrtr o{ 1A'^l+ ; St.trn0l: a )2./- I i1 plctr< .{ ..{' carfflt 'ef.tb 'fl piar+ =t ftr); 1 Pr"l.{; Il d ':Tnilr{,-i13 ,l t?, P- j I r-.-t' 'xn oi'7't, fsl^4t S.if.is l:l i:1 r il'U ,;n-r t /1 J /A:t l, ,,'' | !. . av,'1,--"1-z tl + f r$L l"it I'r i,1.rafr' --GV :p,t'.i-',- L-"-Lrfti { .) Cv$e=: h,b, c - \ pler\:'11:,r\ iu-trrr;rY d .ilr' fl.iu\ ir*u,+u" ;1u,) [*c\ by lr-rur,1,r_ {1",,..\ r\.1.,r}i y '"J".1 -t'liJ ^heri 4 mutants in flower development one part of a flower into anothet I Whorl4 - carpels Lack petals and stamens Whorl
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Unformatted text preview: '',/"1 h+rl 2 *" ttt't'; ;tltsir:lt 1, 1.f'J?r:rl i:) - t::';:ri":'+1':r.:ttr| Whorl4 - carpel Whorl 1 - sepals Whorl2 - petals 1,.11i:r":';i 13 -"prtr*bt \ ,.i',i\y:ri 4 -- :+r;r;*l:*'r__,,,i Homeotic floral identity mutants define regions of specifications in the flower Homeotic floral identity mutants always affect two adjacent whorls and lead to loss of identity and transformations into one of the two identities. remaining 'A'gene: APETALLA|/2 (AP1 ,AP2) --'B' genes: APETALLA3 (AP3) PtSTtLLATA (Pt) rt tiri tr,r trtfU'1a 'C'gene: AGAMOUS (AG) , *'i,PA'[y' ,l ,, q tlr ,.-,i'lrn t...
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