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4ilu95zA \l tA c\cfi'l'rtn rt {c'r'tn/ -Aor o - APa ia o15t*- tpn{n\ r.:lurt: orAq{. r"rh,47 I ld --ll*tnr :'d n orQ \(A \,Le- rJ \ JIIlIt-c\url\!-3 .-ru,L'*rAo 4"n zv'olt, tc il',lf c'n a ,,t l,.r-| 'cAe,ii Cc^')4-(lL/Ld iL15 rtlY. ,rhi. . I ifLrtr\6\ c/'\ €xp[v3?}1 '(lPn%{t in {hL \n. 4a Homeotic mutations combined AP2/AP3/P l/AG q uad ruple mutant All whorls are transformed into leaves, suggesting that sepals, petals. AIAM!g and srpds are modified leaves
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Unformatted text preview: \,'1,-l-a*^F4?-\ All these homeotic.genes are transgription factors, AG, Pl and AP3,are (MAQ$ b,ox TFs,j AP2 is an 'AP2' containingqTf . .,. .. .,h,, . , N?. . . What are these genes and Wbg€ are they expressed ? in sitir hybridisation oi W'(eft side) ana'A*ff (rignt cirlo\ V They are all expressed in those whorls that are affected by mutations in the gene. 3''tnn {i:L # pid. 9Aornr,$...
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