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IMG_0002_NEW_0040 - The ABC model of flower development The...

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A;.5'tty\{\C{f dY cisr'/\ idd{rtrb nlur ,f ll',u- ,n -"fi,,r1u*an [es{waryr -$.L Lrrfu*Lrc rrt -{ic,den ftXww a.(v olti*r}lrrt) #4N.),,t r14in'tde [-ltl:Sa rcrrf. ';] Structure I sepal A function A + B function B + C function (Stamen) C function Petal i St**"n I carpel I whorl 1 identity (Sepal) whorl 2 identity (Petal) whorl 3 identity whorl 4 identity (Carpel)
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Unformatted text preview: The ABC model of flower development The ABC model of flower development Hry{ ruT FXiS:&WtWteffi i,.-,r.,*W--Jffi1iE Wffi gw:W.ti W- ,,u*l*,,,,'l iZi rgv I u> {brw v>( le;* .6rrrtd 'Qfl t (t ctd"iY {i'r,\ rr '?' t,t t{ ff l,( I 1 t^,Lt 1mA- L\v @"\ fuoolp 6 ,* t11,,,,,, i I . .'.-,, i,*iy'ii.^' I ta u*, t, -...
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