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I ruAb'bx- .2, (c||"}.ci, (.rl.o}iczs) -- c{; l,flal,zqlion -u,,,-:.a\Q_ @ pn,lr,ns -,.\\ T,U, M +rc^n+tr', Irun frd"," fvlv -V La. rfl ,/,twloprrWnL *:Yr1t\u "l'g= fi c\rrr.Ph'\" 9"CA, b -Vtrfrf;nbax T-e{rils - ,:x/,iliu (Qt& ,\wue (&+r,\\ ir'r o'- co{a. o o czn4binfrlir/ ,*|rc{b, The ABC model
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Unformatted text preview: of flower development Some recent additions to the model AP7\as an earlier role to specify , meristem identity ,/ / WUS contributes to activation o( AG AP3 and P/ arc thought !o be activated th SEPALLATA C genes Not to be memorized dl{ a,'uw\ rno,uli in 4hL...
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