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- in i'nrr i,ir,tc\ iy0c -fic"lior -ihL H"\ paller is eltSknortl alortstr 4\,t A.i:c riQ-g'{ro\ a&*5 - 'il/\ tho m*tard thf,- ft-'^r--" i5 . ?/nf\dfir.4l\ .$1\i crrvr l,k-*. tho du:J uvrrt"o\ cn{ ',l'1 -[,,,{. *'#tyre i. arq {ddiA hrclc Dorso-ventral patterning of flowers CYCLOIDEA (CYC) mutants have flowers, with 'ventral'characteristics. CYC is a transcription factor normally expressed in dorsal parts of the flower.
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Unformatted text preview: Summary: flower development as a consequence of genetic and environmental input the shoot meristem switches at some point to flower rather than leaf production genes controlling floral identities have been identified in genetic screens in Arabidopsis and snapdragon identity of individual whorls is specified by the combinatorial action of 3 classes of homeotic genes (MADS box transcription factors) I...
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