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7125t2006 The C. elegans cell lineage ... is completely invariant -dt"r de.d'\,zrrticn, -tl.( g;flut\ci o'\ lrui 1.Ei'n t (1,j 1,*. - ai qt 4hn d,l,l,tr ,rt\.' . l*'-$ qrr4e{,.r 4.6' cprr i ^ti*.;w F4"'o p (s) -.',1 4h[ !u{$ c.ri( jilr-.luvr, Ab diuldc, '',u. ABr, t At\t. u.i\rl€ p d r,J. ., ,r'|. f: - &\rK J thp- Lcils nri\\ cctl\nue tu d,,lti" iir ct ',,".1r<Uirud F*d *;ifl,,,,n Jl'qp pdt rkr ui\ [email protected] t 1\s,ar: ,1n :ir?-1oVvc1 Q{t:,oi{ Early cleavages in C. elegans ... are asymmetrical, stem-cell like, producing a larger etelg fosngsrggll and a gqstel!_ql_P:9ell \ Founder cells are formed during cleavages
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Unformatted text preview: epdermrs neurons gut eprOermrs muscle Sff neurons pnarynx neurons pharynx muscle muscle ? L:/Yl: TiLap 1l q,yia lrg- -{o Yy,LW^td [^vlV. ui^difi&amp;lt;/\{irdilalt C. elegans embryogenesis n abel/--**-' embryos are 60pm long, hatch after 14 hours ' 671 celis are generated during embryogenesis ' 558 cells survive, 1 13 go into apoptosis , )&amp;quot; :. 7 J' &amp;quot; z: ' The full set of somatic cells (959) is produced after 4 moltings o The gonads produce a variable # of cils BF656q Kas !';', - ,l ctlI-tri\ o,A,7 dr&amp;amp;ruVs tlu*'1e...
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